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Nordic Ju-Jutsu Cup, Swedens oldest and biggest event for Ju-Jitsu Fighting, Ne-waza and Duo. Open for kids and adults.

Welcome to Nordic Ju-Jutsu Cup 2018, a tournament for JJIF Fighting, Ne-waza and Duo and part of JFL (Ju-Jitsu Fighting League).

Nordic Cup is part of JFL (Ju-Jitsu Fighting League and qualification tournament for the Swedish Championships)

This event is only open for clubs that are members of the Swedish Ju-Jutsu Federation and JJEU or JJIF members.


08.00-09.00 - All fighters must complete the weigh in

10.00 - Start of the first fights

Please check your Smoothcomp account for more information.

Competition arena

Skuruhallen, Skuru Skolväg 2. Drive the highway 222 from Slussen towards Nacka and then turn right at Nacka Sjukhus and then right again towards Skuru Skola.



It is possible to stay in a school that is located 100m from the arena. The price is only 100skr/person/night and you pay your accommodation with a creditcard before you go in to the school. The latest time to arrive on Friday is at 22.00. Everyone sleeping in the school needs to register here.

Nacka Stadshotell:
The hotel is located only five minutes in walking distance from the competition arena.


Registration shall be made for all your clubs fighters before Sunday the 7th of October. Late fee will then be active until Tuesday the 9th of October at 23:59 when the registration closes. Coaches can apply for a coach account and do bulk registrations for all their fighters.

Duo registration: Please create an account on Smoothcomp with the duo couples: "Lastname/Lastname" and choose your competition class.


Weigh-in will be in the arena on Saturday morning between 08.00-09.00. At the weigh in the adult fighter must present an id or drivers license and their valid competition license (applies to Swedish fighters). Kids and juveniles must have parents or a instructor present to validate their identity. If you dont make your weight you will be disqualified.


Changing your weight class at the weigh in is not allowed. For the younger fighters we will try what is possible to move fighters to another weightclass if they miss their weight but please make sure to register in a category that you know you will make.


JJIF fightingNe wazaDuoStart the registration process for details

Smoothcomp automatically shows each fighter the age classes that he or she can compete in based on your profile settings.


1-2 fighters= Best of three
3-4 fighters= Round Robin
5-8 fighters: Double elimination with bronze fight
9 fighters or more= Double elimination with bronze fight (final 8 gets second chance)


All Swedish fighters must represent an academy that are member of the Swedish Ju-Jutsu Federation. Forreign competitors should be members of JJIF in EJJU.

Category rules are based on the age a person reach in the present year (from 1.1 to 31.12)

It is possible that some classes will be combined due to inadequate number of athletes in one class. We will try to prevent that as long as possible.


Head referee: Janet Smedberg
1. Niclas Sjöberg, Sweden
2. Cissi Nyström, Sweden
3. Jonas Elfving, Sweden
4. Kristoffer Sundström, Sweden
5. Joakim Riise, Sweden
6. Joakim Wallberg, Sweden
7. Petrus Sjöström, Sweden
8. Nelber Arnaud, Sweden
9. Kenny Friman, Sweden
10. Mikael Bengtsson, Sweden
11. Matilda Frycklund, Sweden
12. Daniel Karlsson, Sweden
13. Oskar Svels, Sweden
14. Fredrik Sandberg, Sweden


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Fuseau horaire: Europe/Stockholm


  • JJ Fighting, Barn 250 SEK
    6-8 år / 9-10 år / 11-12 år / 13-15 år
  • JJ Newaza, Barn 250 SEK
    6-8 år / 9-10 år / 11-12 år / 13-15 år
  • JJ Fighting 350 SEK
    U18 / Senior / Veteran 35+
  • JJ Newaza 350 SEK
    U18 / Senior / Veteran 35+
  • Duo 350 SEK